Its superiority has been approved, and one step ahead of its competitors!

Competus H/P has proved its performance power. In the comparison test performed by TÜV SÜD, its total road performance results became the winner against five competitors. It obtained the highest scores in six categories, namely dry and wet braking, dry and wet handling, aquaplaning and wet cornering.

Powerful traction on every surface with asymmetric tread pattern

Competus H/P’s tread is composed of the combination of patterns that are adaptable to both surfaces, the inner surface being wet and the exterior surface being dry. The inner surface releases higher amounts of water through the tyre and road surface with high groove proportion. So, the tyre grips the surface and aquaplaning and side slip in a turn are prevented. With its filled pattern, the exterior surface provides better handling on dry surface. Thus, it delivers sudden movement capability at

Silica content enhancing wet performance

With the grooved structure of the silica in the tread compound, Competus H/P is not affected by puddles collected on road surfaces and provides higher wet grip and shorter braking distance than conventional tyres.

Silent and comfort driving

Suitable for use on asphalt, Competus H/P does not compromise comfort despite all sporty features. It provides a unique driving pleasure for silence and comfort seekers.

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