Short breaking distance on every ground

In order to reduce the breaking distance, the contact surface of the tyre with the road should be increased. Competus Winter, which has a large contact surface with the zigzag channels on its tread pattern and the cellular structure of its silica tread compound, is prioritizing the safety of its users with the short breaking distance results obtained on wet, dry and snowy grounds in the evaluation made by TÜV SUD.

Decreases the risk of aquaplaning on wet grounds

To increase the road handling capability of the vehicle on wet grounds, the tread region should drain the water between the tyre and ground quickly. The tread pattern of Competus Winter composed of peripheral main grooves and crosswise channels, decreases the risk of aquaplaning of vehicle by preventing turbulence while passing from the water layers. And the continuous Z pattern between the main blocks offers effective water drainage property during maneuvers to every direction.

Grip on snow

In low temperatures, standard tyres harden and lose the elasticity they need during movement. The road handling capacity of the hard tyre decreases and thus the driver loses the control of the vehicle. With the large amount of silica used in its tread compound, Competus Winter preserves its elasticity even in low temperatures. Also the footprint of the tyre is designed in a way that it will increase contact pressure and thus road grip. With these properties, Competus Winter meets the expectatio

Comfortable and quiet driving

Tread pattern of Competus Winter is specially designed with advanced technology design methods in order to offer quiet and comfortable ride. Its pattern, tread depth and block distances prevent high levels of noise besides providing comfort in the vehicle.

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