Traction and comfort together

For reflecting the motor power to road without any loss, the tyre should have good traction ability. On the other hand, quiet operation and steering wheel sensitivity affect driver comfort. LS/M 4000, designed to work on both axles, has a stable structure that will minimize the noise besides providing the necessary traction without making it harder to move the steering wheel. With these properties, it is appropriate for both inner-city and intercity use.

Improved water drainage ability

For the required road handling to be protected while passing from water layers formed on the road surface; the tyre should drain the water between the tyre and ground quickly, and it should contact the surface. LS/M 4000 drains more water in less time thanks to the wide peripheral grooves and lateral channels on its tread pattern. By this way, a larger surface area contacts the road and the risk of aquaplaning on wet grounds is removed.

Resistant against damages caused by stones and cuts

On rough and worn roads, tyres are damaged seriously, and this can cause the drivers and passengers to face difficulties. LS/M 4000 is resistant against stone holding thanks to its tread and channel structure, and it is resistant against cuts thank to is strong body.

Long service life and regular abrasion

For the tyre to have long service life is one of the points that all of the users attach importance to. The tread blend of LS/M 4000 that is resistant to abrasion and its high tread depth enables the tyre to have a long abrasion life.

Better road handling on wet and snowy grounds

In low temperatures, standard tyres harden and lose the elasticity they need during movement. The road handling capacity and traction of the hard tyre decrease. And this can cause negative results such as skidding or spinning. LS/M 4000 preserves its elastic structure on wet and snowy grounds with its special blend and enables better road handling. Moreover the blocks on the shoulder are strengthened to increase hold-down pressure.

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