Excellent handling and braking performance on both dry and wet surfaces

Engineered with a high-silica tread compound, it inspires confidence in the Phenoma user firmly gripping any surface both in turns and sudden moves.

Outstanding traction, lateral balance and durability

Phenoma”s traction, lateral balance in turns and resistance to external factors have been enhanced with high-strength sidewalls.

Ultimate tire/rim combination

Thanks to its thinned rim pad, not only the tire is now lighter, but also the rolling resistance has been reduced and above all the tire/rim combination has been improved.

Stable driving at high speeds

The additional nylon thread layer allows Phenoma to be stable at high speeds. Designed for functioning in harmony with the thread compound, the layer also reduces the rolling resistance.

Excellent steering sensitivity and immediate response to sudden moves

The double straight blocks are designed in order for Phenoma to immediately respond to sudden moves very frequent in sportive driving. So, the steering sensitivity has been improved and therefore the driver’s steering commands could immediately be transmitted to the road.

Easy adaptation to the road and excellent handling

The ‘Z’ style groove design prevents the overheating of the tire so that the compound is kept within temperature limits to deliver the maximum handling. Additionally, improving the flexibility of the largest block on the tire tread and allowing for easy adaptation to the road, the ‘Z’ style grooves prevent aquaplaning in wet conditions with the water disposal function.

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