Outstanding performance on both wet and dry surfaces

Atracta, providing maximum road handling and steering control on both wet and dry surfaces with its specially developed asymmetric pattern, increases traction and reduces braking distance on wet surfaces with the numerous blocks and deep ductules on the pattern.

Long life and low fuel consumption

Advanced tread compound and wide based tread construction slows down the wear of the tire and provides the same superior performance to the user throughout its long service life. Also, due to its low rolling resistance, provides fuel economy.

Superior driving control and safety

Due to seamless impact ply, provides better road handling by controlling the expansion of the tire at high speeds. Since the seamless heel wire beam, produced by winding a single wire, provides fitting of the heel rubber to the rim fully, steering control increases, tire balance improves. High filled heel construction increases riding comfort and steering control.

Silent and comfortable driving

Block dimensions on the pattern is optimized using an advanced simulation model, thus tire noise is minimized. Advanced body profile reduces the impacts and vibrations from the road and provides comfort.

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