Safe driving on wet surface

3 wide peripheral chamfers providing the drainage of the water cumulated in front of the tire at high speeds increase the resistance against hydroplaning. In addition, skewed knife shaped variable angle grooves on the tread center provide water drainage in lateral direction. Tiny grooves in lateral direction on the shoulder blocks allow safe cornering on wet and dry surfaces.

Full control in driving

Interconnected blocks of varying dimensions found on the tread center improves road handling ability, provides comfortable and silent ride. Seamless nylon reinforcement bands on the steel belt edges increase the endurance and road handling at high speeds, while on the other hand providing a smooth and vibration free ride.

Maximum comfort, safety and durability

Driving comfort and road handling characteristics are increased, thanks to the Z shaped tiny grooves on the blocks on tread center. While the wide and open chamfers in lateral direction on the shoulders raise braking and traction ability to the highest level, Lassa durability is standard.

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