Maximum Traction on icy and snowy roads

By means of zig-zag typed wide canalicullus (lamella) that densely reside on broad flanged tread and texture, contract area over ice is compounded.

Excellent Performance on icy floors with nail installment property

By means of nail holes that provide six-line snow nail to be pounded on peripheral direction, its traction capacity on icy floors is increased. It wide inner ridge layer prevents the snow nail to come loose by clutching it wholly.

Superior safety on all winter conditions

Three dimensional, sinuous wide lamellas increase the handling by being locked during maneuver and hence in winter tyres, it eliminates the navigation problem especially in dry floors.

Strong traction and handling

By means of groove geometry generated from stepped structures and sharp indented on ridges, traction and handling on icy floors are extracted to the highest level.

Special ridge mixture

It is developed by considering polar zone conditions and due to its outer ridge mixture, its traction capacity is increased on icy and snowy floors.


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