Safe drive on snow

While stopping in shorter distance on snowy roads compared to its competitors, offers more excellent maneuvering ability and road handling on both snowy and iced roads. Drivers using Snoways Era feel safe not only on snowy roads, but on sleety and iced surfaces as well.

Safe and silent ride on dry surface

Snoways Era is designed for excellent comfort, long life and safe trips with short braking distance. With its sophisticated pattern design, advanced tread compound and quite strong construction, it not only provides superior driving stability, but offers high performance throughout the life of the tire as well. Tire noise of Snoways Era is minimized by using a special simulation technology.

Excellent wet performance

Snoways Era winter tires allow better braking, excellent control and traction under wet and cold road conditions, due to specially developed compound and pattern designed for such road conditions. While reducing braking distance with the advanced silicated compound, your vehicle can be handled better on wet surfaces. Its pattern designed by special simulation programs balances water flow, while minimizing the probability of hydroplaning and increases road handling especially on wet and slippery

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